Stressed Out (pt. 2)


Yeah, yeah, I reviewed it already. Sue me. But I thought, since it’s dropped off the charts recently, I oughta give my parting thoughts on “Stressed Out,” and… well, it grew off me, surprisingly. I was expecting this to end up on a best list somewhere, or maybe an Honorable Mention, but sweet Christ in a pancake the lyrical sentiment gets on my nerves. Like, this should hit close to home, considering my age and position in life, but it’s so clumsy it comes off as a pose more than it does a legitimate feeling. What’s with the obsession with playing pretend? Is it cause we’re all pretending on the outside, and on the inside we’re… STRESSED OUT? Nice work figuring that one out, brainiac. Aren’t you 20-something? The fixation on pretending bothers me mostly because it reminds me of a much better song, MGMT’s “Time to Pretend,” which this song… drumroll please… rips off. (Read the lyrics if you don’t believe me. Even if you wanna argue it’s not a ripoff, the idea is essentially the same, and if you really still think this is better executed than MGMT’s, get your head checked.) And the line about “they’re laughing at our face” also bugs me. Who, exactly? Who’s the enemy here? Don’t be vague: gimmie a reason to fight. The song’s so goddamn childish and it drives me insane. Rocket ships? Play pretend? Grow up, man. And that downpitched rap breakdown at the end just solidifies for me that TOP are either totally out of their depth or filthy poseurs. Your politics and philosophy underwhelm me, Mr. Joseph. Stop ripping off better bands than yours.

And “Heathens” still sucks.




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