We Are Number One

Simply exquisite. It’s rare nowadays to find a song in the mainstream with so much actual effort put into it. In the waking nightmare that has been 2016, oases have been scarce: titanic garbage heaps like “Closer” and “One Dance” have dominated this year, even more than”I Can’t Feel My Face” and “Uptown Funk” (two actually good songs) dominated 2015. And the two aforementioned 2016 hits have the exact same problems: laziness. And guess what, bitch? No one’s lazy in Lazy Town. Or, at least, not Robbie Rotten, a new shining star in the indie sphere, bubbling up to the top with his spectacular debut single “We Are Number One.” Robbie is poised here with what is quite possibly the song of the decade, maybe even the century, if I may be so bold. With a just saxophone, bass, drumkit, and a whole lotta talent, Robbie and doppelganger crew cook us up a two and a half minute musical orgasm, complete with soulful singing, terrific performances from every member, and an egalitarian attitude worthy of the finest independent music acts this side of R.E.M. And those lyrics! Positivity and growth have never sounded more fun and inclusive than on “We Are Number One,” where they’re promoting a very equally-distributed philosophy and self-love that speaks to my very soul. We’re all number one, people: don’t settle for number two.





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