Mouth Moods

“Being a DJ, I take the art of [crate] digging seriously, and this is a place I’ve been going for eleven years… Just being in here is a humbling experience because you’re looking through all these records and it’s sort of like a big pile of broken dreams, in a way. Almost none of these artists still have a career, really, so you kind of respect that. If you’re making records and you’re a DJ and putting out releases whether it’s mix tapes or whatever, you’re adding to this pile, whether you want to admit it or not. Ten years down the line, you’ll be in here – so keep that in mind when you start thinking like, ‘Oh yeah, I’m invincible and I’m the world’s best’ or whatever. Because that’s what all these cats thought.” Josh Davis (DJ Shadow)


Neil Cicierega seems like a perfectly nice guy with a sense of humor about himself and his music that must be refreshing for some – it’s not often you get someone who can sing fun novelty songs with such conviction and talent that you almost forget they’re just jokes. I’ve really come to really appreciate the hard work that goes into the guy’s compositions and writing.

I’m talking, of course, about 2016’s Spirit Phone, released under his musical pseudonym Lemon Demon, which was a fun, well-made album of pop tunes with a comedic edge. This album was fucking unlistenable – nearly an hour of shitty Soundcloud meme backwash, wholly unimpressive, devoid of any respect for the original creators of the music he’s working with. I’ll bet my next paycheck the artists who made any of the songs Cicierega sampled worked a hundred times harder on their music than he did making this awful “””joke””” album. Lazy, lazy shit. Funny cover, though.





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